Organic Parmigiano Reggiano

Fromagerie Biobio

This cheese’s low water content is due to its method of production and its long maturing phase, which makes it especially high in nutrients and energy. Crumbly and grainy, it has a fruity and unique sharpness to it. However, its aromas and flavours change during the maturing process. As such, a 24 month-old Parmigiano-Reggiano keeps its milky flavours but its hints of melted butter are more conspicuous. It can be served simply, accompanied by bread and wine, or as a topping on pasta or salad. It can also be used in recipes for stuffing fresh pasta and preparing meat dishes.

CATEGORY Hard cheese
PROVENANCE Montreal, Quebec
RIPENING 18 months, 24 months
SIZE 200 g
FAT 28 %