Fromages CDA represents more than 25 artisan cheesemakers from every region in Quebec and Canada. To promote their artisan cheeses throughout the province and beyond, CDA ensures they are available in as many sales outlets as possible, so that they can be enjoyed by the largest number of consumers.

Fromages CDA works with cheese factories and specialty cheese shops, as well as the major supermarket chains. CDA also promotes its product line with the major Canadian distributors, who in turn promote the products with buyers in the restaurant sector across the country.

Our organization goes all out to market the artisan cheeses we represent by

  • Holding cheese tastings in food stores
  • Developing recipes that feature cheese
  • Exhibiting at food fairs in Canada and elsewhere
  • Running cheese information sessions for chefs and buyers
  • Holding cheese tastings for buyers in the restaurant sector
  • Publishing articles in trade magazines

Through sheer determination, good timing, the desire to share and most importantly an abundance of enthusiasm for Canada’s artisan cheeses, Fromages CDA has proudly introduced millions of consumers to the excellent products made by our artisan cheesemakers