Fromages CDA was founded as a result of the emergence of the many artisan cheesemakers in Quebec in the 1990s. Fromages CDA president Daniel Allard is passionate about cheese and intent on promoting them across the country. He has become a cheese marketing leader, and a strong advocate of locally produced cheeses.

Daniel Allard respects the knowledge cheesemakers have and fully understands the difficulties they have developing markets for their products. He takes them under his wing and helps them raise their profile in Quebec and Canadian markets.

Fromages CDA started by representing the Fritz Kaiser cheese factory, then expanded to represent the St-Benoît-du-Lac, Rang 9 cheesemakers, along with many others including Le Détour, Terroir de Bellechasse, Au Village, Normandinoise, Champs à la meule.... Today, Daniel Allard and his skilled team work with more than 25 artisan cheesemakers.

With determination, time, sharing and above all enthusiasm for Canadian cheese makers, Fromages CDA has been able from the start to build a strong team for the development of its artisans. It is now the company that represents the largest number of Quebec cheese makers.

Allow yourself to be guided by our cheese aficionado and our team of true connoisseur to discover the artisan cheesemakers of Quebec and their fabulous products.