Many of the cheese factories Fromages CDA represents are located in small towns in various regions of Quebec, and they create local jobs.

"A prime example of how the regional job market is being revitalized."

Many of the cheese factories Fromages CDA represents are certified organic, which means far fewer pesticides are being released into the environment.

"A prime example of showing respect for nature."

Many of the cheesemakers Fromages CDA represents use milk from their own farm cows to make their cheese. Other cheese factories arrange for other dairy farms in their region to supply them with cow, goat or sheep milk for their cheese-making operations. A minimum of transportation or none at all is normally required.

"A prime example of buying local."

One of the cheese factories Fromages CDA represents uses the innovative methanation process to turn cheese whey into energy. Simply speaking, the process involves breaking down the whey into water in the absence of oxygen, a process that generates energy that can be used to operate the cheese factory.

"A prime example of the smart use of raw materials."

Another of the cheese factories CDA represents has a thing for water conservation.  Water consumption is tracked and water reduction targets are set. Phosphate-free cleaning products are Ecocert certified. Wastewater is purified using a phytoremediation process, which involves plants feeding on the fats and phosphorous in the water. Trees were planted along the streams and sedimentation basins built to prevent soil erosion.

"A prime example of how to conserve our blue gold."