Our Mission

  • Promote consumption of Quebec cheeses.
  • Introduce the cheeses and cheesemakers we represent to consumers.
  • Promote cheeses made by our artisan cheesemakers.
  • Take charge of market development so that the cheesemakers can focus on enhancing their knowledge and doing what they do best: making cheese.
  • Share our passion and knowledge with our buyers to ensure they embrace our products.
  • Seize every business opportunity our partners offer to promote our cheeses among potential consumers.
  • Maintain a reliable, ongoing link between our artisan cheesemakers and those who buy their products.
  • Advise, guide and support our artisan cheesemakers in developing their products, markets and businesses.

Our Vision

  • Partner only with artisan cheesemakers who show passion and integrity.
  • Keep our sense of sight, smell and taste fine-tuned to discovering new artisan cheesemakers who approach their craft with integrity and passion, and introduce their products to consumers.
  • Work with cheesemakers who use fresh milk, only fresh milk, 100% fresh milk. Simply because the cheeses they produce are 100% authentic.