Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser receives the SUPER GOLD award for the best cheeses in the world with La Mascotte.


It was during the great international World Cheese Award competition, which took place on November 3th, 2021 in Oviedo, Spain that Fritz Kaiser's La Mascotte cheese was awarded SUPER GOLD in its category, which makes from him one of the best cheeses in the world and from the Fritz Kaiser cheese factory, the most awarded cheese maker in Canada! 

A true global cheese event, the World Cheese Award brings together cheesemakers, retailers, buyers, consumers and food commentators from around the world to judge nearly 4,000 cheeses from over 40 countries.


About La Mascotte:

La Mascotte is a semi-firm cheese made from goat's milk. It is surface matured on a pine board for more than 50 days.

Aspect: Round wheel of about 3 kg.

Pale orange rind covered with a very fine white down. Compact and melting white paste.

Taste: Sweet, lactic and nutty aroma.

About Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser:

Fritz Kaiser grew up in Switzerland, where he learned the traditional art of cheese making. Once in Quebec, Fritz embarked on a new adventure and opened Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser in 1981 in Noyan. His know-how has helped him create a line of over 30 fine cheeses over the years which, despite the phenomenal growth of the company, are still handcrafted by his team, from 100% Canadian milk. For those looking for fine Quebec cheese that respects European tradition!


About World Cheese Award: