Quebec’s artisan cheese guild is more than just an organization of cheesemakers:    

  • The Guild represents 21 cheese dairies in Quebec and one in Ontario (Quality Cheese)
  • 13 of these cheese dairies have access to the Canadian market
  • More than 125 Quebec cheeses are listed, including 98 that are available on the Canadian market
  • About 20 million litres of cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk are processed
  • More than 2,300 tonnes of cheese is produced annually
  • More than 280 employees across Quebec are involved in processing, preparing and marketing cheese
  • The first cheese dairy, Abbaye St-Benoit-du-Lac, opened in 1943, followed by Fritz Kaiser in 1981; Rang 9 in 1987; Champ à la Meule in 1995; Domaine Féodal in 2001. All prime examples of expertise, information sharing, values and passion.

 The Guild’s market

 We serve more than 300 independent markets and specialty shops in Quebec. Many hotels and restaurants also have access to our products across Canada through specialized distribution networks. And we have accounts with large supermarket chains such as Sobeys, Métro and Loblaws, making our cheeses widely available to consumers

  • 80% of our cheeses are distributed in Quebec    
  • 20% outside Quebec

Our current market includes:

  • 50% supermarket chains

  • 35% specialty shops and independents

  • 15% hotels and restaurants

Although our growth in the next two years is expected to occur essentially in Quebec, we still need to pursue our efforts to introduce and promote our products outside Quebec through new accounts with supermarket chains and specialty clientele, and thereby make our products even more accessible to consumers.


Cheeses made by the GQAF 

  • Fritz Kaiser

    2018  : Category winner - Cheese made from cow's milk, reduce in fat 2016-17 : World Cheese Awards 

  • Fromage Au Village

    In 2015, 3rd place in its category